Rodeffer Roofing

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  • First and foremost, we are here to help our customers. 
    • We aren't storm chasers who take advantage of folks already hurting.
  • We will never lie to our customers or purposefully attempt to mislead them.

  • We will never try and sell our customers a service they do not need.

  • We will never give an assessment or a diagnosis without properly inspecting the problem. 
    • We make sure to know all the details so our customers won't be hit with any surprise costs for "missed" issues. 
  • Once a problem is found, it is our obligation to always inform the customer of their options, if available. 
    • And once again, we will never try to sell our customers something they do not need.
  • We never make decisions for our customers; we merely provide the information necessary for them to make them. 
    • After all, it is our customer's roof. We're just the ones climbing on it.
  • We will ALWAYS do our best to provide our customers with the service they deserve.

  • We must ALWAYS demonstrate our commitment to professionalism and customer service.

  • We always maintain a positive and helpful disposition no matter what the situation.
    • Going through a storm that cause extensive damage can be a traumatic experience. By providing high quality roofing services with extensive workmanship guarantees, we strive to bring customers peace of mind. 
  • Our business principles are guided by our moral values, and we never allow our values to change because of loss of profit.
    • Job quality should never be sacrificed because of loss of profit. The most important thing is to make the customer happy, and to have a job well done.
  • No matter what, we are never to raise our voice or disrespect our customers.

  • Everyone makes mistakes; it is how we deal with them that will set us apart.

  • Excellent customer service is not just expected, it is REQUIRED at Rodeffer Roofing.